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Volvo Truck 3093111 Chrome Hub Cap

Volvo Truck 3093111 Chrome Hub Cap

American Chrome

Part Number: 3093111
  • $ 7044
  • Save $ 12

ABS Front Hub Cover Kits: Never Rust, Chip, or Peel! These Quality ABS Chrome Hub Cover Kits, featuring our Infinity?? chrome plate finsh are available in a sleek one-piece hub cover/cap design to minimize damage from road debris and theft, or the popular two-piece designs with removable caps. All Kits Include: 10 ABS Chrome Nut Covers (see Styles) One-Piece/Two-piece ABS Hub Cover/Cap Assembly Plastic Rim Protector

  • 33mm 1-Piece ABS Front Hub Cover Kits with non-Removable Cap
  • Number of Lug Holes 10
  • Nut Cover Size 33mm
  • Hut Cover Style Standard with Flange

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